Clubmark Accreditation

Clubmark is Sport England’s national accreditation scheme for sports clubs. It stands for higher standards of safety, fairness,

Clubmark Certificatecoaching and management. A club that has been awarded Clubmark has achieved minimum operating standards in safeguarding and protecting children, quality coaching, equal opportunities and good management.

Clubmark provides recognition for high quality clubs. Clubmark is an important club development tool and provides a solid foundation for all clubs wishing to establish a youth structure.

Clubs awarded Clubmark status can be proud of what they have achieved. They are shown to have a commitment to developing junior sport. Parents can be assured that their children belong to a safe club. Members can be sure their club is a well-managed club, striving to offer the best in coaching and sports development. By striving to achieve higher standards clubs are likely to attract more members and build a sustainable future.

As a single, national standard, Clubmark gives sports clubs of all types structure and direction. Clubs awarded Clubmark have seen many tangible benefits, such as:

Increased membership

Clubmark is a highly valued accreditation. As well as raising the profile with local authorities, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other sporting and community bodies, all accredited clubs are listed on a national database and in other directories, to help them to publicise what they do, attract new members and grow. In addition, as Clubmark addresses issues such as equity and child protection, this gives parents confidence when choosing a club for their children.

Retaining members

Clubmark stimulates real thought about how clubs cater for all members.  The culture it promotes boosts the morale of players and ensures that volunteers are recognised for their contributions.

Continuous improvement

Accreditation encourages a club to adopt better, more organised systems and structures, thus helping them to run more effectively and efficiently.

Developing coaches

As part of Clubmark, clubs are entitled to receive help to develop the skills of coaches. This, in turn, leads to better quality provision and improved player performance. Parents can be confident that appropriately qualified coaches are deployed.


Many funding bodies state that applicants must be Clubmark accredited or working towards this.


Clubmark promotes a volunteer culture where hard work and dedication is recognised. Once accredited, clubs find more people are keen to get involved, especially parents.

Links with schools

Increasingly, schools are looking for guarantees of quality and the presence of child- friendly systems and procedures. Clubmark clubs are normally the first invited to work with local schools and schools are being encouraged to signpost pupils to Clubmark clubs.

Marketing and communication

Clubmark gives clubs the confidence to promote themselves. All Clubmark clubs can access the Clubmark members’ area, utilise the Clubmark logo and take advantage of other brand resources as well as bespoke information to help generate more publicity. The universal brand, recognising quality clubs across more than 30 sports is a really valuable marketing tool.

Club development

The foundation for any club is its youth structure. The Clubmark accreditation process is designed to assist clubs to attract and cater for young members, and build a strong future.

With these benefits in mind, Thringstone Bowling Club has recently been actively seeking to become Clubmark accredited under the Chairmanship of the Club Development Officer, David Bamford, ably supported by a Committee of five Club Members: Jill Bamford, John Carrington, Mick Carrington, Betty Gamble and Keith Hope. Annette Kendrick and Natalia Marshall (LRS) and Alistair Hollis (Bowls England) have also providing excellent support.

Clubmark Certification

Presentation of the Clubmark Certificate to the Club

Presentation of the Clubmark Certificate to the Club

The hard work of the Committee  resulted in the Club being successful in obtaining Clubmark Accreditation. The Accreditation Certificate was presented to the Club on 9th June 2013 by Councillor Alison Smith MBE at the Club’s Sport England Inspired Facilities Celebration Event.